Reduce 50% of critical attack vectors for SAP in just 1 day!

Until recently security for SAP® Business Suite was often neglected. Unlike the continuous attention for open doors in Windows software, network vulnerabilities, flaws within mobile platforms the attention for SAP© enterprise software vulnerabilities is majorly underestimated. The SAP® Business Suite applications are the backbone for many organisations all over the world. The impact of a targeted attack would be a disaster and also not necessarily come from the outside world.

In the recent past a SAP® system has been hosted internal, shielded from the internet. Today those systems offering mobile functions and are accessible via SAP® Gateway from various clients.

Todays market provides excellent Security & Event Management solutions (SIEM), offering advanced security analytics to identify and manage all sorts of security risks. SIEM solutions are build with the purpose to guard your enterprise landscape, ranging from web services, mobile devices, databases, networks, .... SecurityBridge was designed to not only interlink your SAP® environments with any existing SIEM solution it also bridges the expertise required to assess vasts amount of SAP metrics to identify true threads. We at have grown our experience by writing applications from scratch, we therefore also harvest on our core SAP expertise to define methods to gather the relevant information from SAP®.

SecurityBridge is a powerful and extensible Solution, linking any SAP environment to any SIEM solution. Furthermore its easy to use web based configuration and monitoring cockpit provides centralised access to all your SAP data sources.

Build for SAP, in SAP, by ABAP experts.



Features at a glance

  1. Continuous threat and vulnerability monitoring
    1. SecurityBridge correlates information from more than 20 different data sources to create actionable security alerts.
    2. Advanced Security Intelligence includes customizable use cases which can be configured out of the box.
  2. Central management and configuration
    1. A user-friendly web based configuration and monitoring cockpit provides centralized access to all SAP systems of your landscape.
  3. Real-time configuration check
    1. Security relevant configuration changes are analyzed in real-time. Potential attack vectors are revealed and can be removed before exploited by an attacker.
  4. SIEM Integration
    1. SecurityBridge seamlessly integrates with your existing SIEM solution and provides understandable alerts to security analysts.


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