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Transport RE.Do enables snapshots and instant rolling back of SAP© deployments. Rolling back or undoing a change within any commonly used desktop software, the ctrl + Z function, we take for granted. The lack of this functionality within a market leading environment, like SAP©, is just astonishing.

Have you ever wondered why it is not possible to easily undo changes introduced by an erroneous transport? We did and, therefore designed a product which suits all environments and which enables a redeployment of objects in just a few clicks. Avoid emergency call outs because of failing code or corrupted configuration, avoid full system restores, avoid manual workarounds for building a remedy transport…

RE.Do is your ultimate insurance policy when an erroneous transport fell through the cracks and impacts your SAP© system. RE.Do is available in two versions. Both flavors differ in terms of functionality and the way they integrate within your SAP© software deployment process. RE.Do for TMS (SAP©’s standard Transport Management System) is very versatile and enables rollback functionality for environments using TMS and ChaRM. For environments using Transport Center, RE.Do for TRACE will provide even more functions. Both versions are available through an interesting subscription plan. Find out which version fits your landscape best using the below comparison matrix.



Product video

Did we awake your interest?  To get a first impression do watch the below recording of Transport Center.  Next to regular webcasts we also offer individual demo's and info sessions.




  • Snapshot
  • You configure yourself for which target system(s) the plug-in should automatically generate a backup request. While triggering an import the RE.Do plug-in is invoked, which may not even be noticeable to the user.
  • STMS Restore
  • RE.Do enables manual redeployment of objects using the standard STMS transaction.  Can it be more simple?  
  • One-click restore
  • With just one click can you restore corrupted workbench and configuration objects for single transports. The RE.Do plug-in for Transport Center also enables a restore for a sequence of transports, along with native TRACE security checks and an approval workflow.
  • Workflow
  • Your organization requires a strict policy for emergency transports and repairs? No problem, using the TRACE workflow you can enforce the same. Segregation of duties can easily be configured to suit all organizations and environments.
  • Reliable
  • Imagine a worst-case scenario, restoring a production system after e.g. the sales order intake process or month-end closing procedure has been corrupted. A transport rollback always needs to be executed with care, e.g. outdated backup transports should not cause even more damage. The RE.Do plug-in integrated within TRACE, therefore enables collision prevention while restoring.
  • Restore and audit
  • Our one-click restore process allows you to undo a single transport or an entire cutover, a feature that is available through the integration within Transport Center. Our native TRACE integration enables full reporting and audit compliance when dealing with restore transports and its approvals.



RE.Do for TMS

Backup Plugin TMS Red

Would you like to parachute without appropriate equipment? A skydiver's equipment is made up of three main parachute system components and generally a reserve automatic activation device. It may not be your life that’s at risk when it comes to failing SAP© transports although a broken system quickly turns into an expensive and unpleasant scenario. RE.Do for TMS is a basic plug-in for SAP© standard. Invisible to the end user the plug-in operates in background, until your system runs into issues because of an erroneous import. Then RE.Do becomes your safety net. To prevent further damage and system or process downtime your system admin can restore erroneous objects or customizing in no time, without having to go for a full system restore!


Backup Plugin TRACE Red

This version of the plug-in offers the full suite of functions. RE.Do for TRACE is fully integrated within Transport Center and therefore enriches our renowned transport manager, making it a must-have for every company performing SAP© transports. Nominate your important SAP© instances and backups are created seamlessly, for every single change. It can't be easier, nothing can be missed out on. Move your SAP© implementation projects on the fast lane. The backup plug-in completes Transport Center and defines a new experience for SAP© administrator and development teams.



TMS Plugin

TRACE Plugin

 Seamless backup on transport import

 Manual restore via STMS

 One-click restore (single transport)

 One-click restore (cutover)

 Workflow to request a restore

 Workflow to approve a restore

 Collision prevention on restore


 Enhanced authorisation concept




Support & maintenance

Our solution experts are here to answer all your questions, help troubleshoot issues and improve your overall experience in using ABAP-Experts solutions. We believe the key to success lies within our ability to provide personalized support which also translates into our Customer Support program.  Assist today, advice tomorrow.

Product installation and upgrade procedures are kept straightforward and are well documented.  Customers that have chosen to subscribe to our maintenance program receive unlimited access to our customer support team and our online support platform, which contains all required installation documentation and a continuously updated knowledge base. Release updates and product innovations are made available to all our customers.

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