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Rigorous Security Hygiene. An essential process that just got easier.

Until the WannaCry attack that brought about massive disruption to the UK NHS in May 2017, randsomware was largely unheard of outside of the cybersecurity community. Similarly, few people knew what a DDos attack was until a series of attacks on DNS provider Dyn disrupted large parts of the internet for North America and Europe.

Today similar attacks have affected Under Armour, Hydro, Sony and T-Mobile, and many others making them almost a daily news item. All too often attackers are focusing on ERP systems because that is where the data jewels are held. To keep one step ahead of the attackers, the SecurityBridge realtime threat detection platform has been powered by anomaly detection so that any threats can be identified, triaged, and remediated before any harm is done.

When we talk to our clients however, they tell us that the attacks that get detected most frequently are ones like, compromise of credentials, or unpatched vulnerabilities which although are never successful, still play havoc with compliance requirements and good security hygiene.

We also hear from major SAP clients who have teams working on Config Validation and will spend considerable time and effort on this mundane but essential task. These companies would rather deploy their security talent to more proactive work and save costs in maintenance and housekeeping.


To address this, we have extended the SecurityBridge platform by a new fraqement of our holistic SAP Security vision, the

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This innovative technology will enable a security team to focus on actionable intelligence, while the on-going security hygiene is effectively managed. A 360° vision is delivered to provide a complete understanding of hardening standards and security events. Monitoring the security baseline standards of any SAP instance, regardless of how complex those landscapes might be, can now be easily managed as any deviation from the standards, or changes to the configuration are instantly identifiable.

SecurityBridge provides advanced technology to protect your SAP applications and custom or third-party code from internal and external threats, and to make sure that a security team can be as productive as possible with less time detracted by mundane security hygiene issues.

This will redirect the focus of a SOC team to working with actionable intelligence while the housekeeping tasks are largely automated. For the best possible protection, SAP implementations should have 360° vision, and what better year to have that, than in 2020. This provides realtime insight into real attacks with actionable intelligence directing immediate remediation, and automated patching and vulnerability management, hardening and applying the vast numbers of SAP patches for known vulnerabilities. SecurityBridge then identifies the unknown threats resulting from areas such as vulnerable code being unleashed into production, causing chaos, or a rogue consultant helping themselves to SAP_ALL, for which no patching is available but unaddressed they pose significant risk.

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